Industry partnership during the conference available in the form of

  • Hands-on workshops.
  • Skills workshops.
  • Mini-stall-based workshops.
  • Stall based exhibitions.
  • Sponsored academic sessions.
  • Sponsored board room session with experts.
  • Brain storming sessions.

Extensive opportunities are provided to the industry to showcase their products, innovations and recent developments in the following areas.

Energy devices

Minimally invasive surgery instruments and equipments

Robotic surgery instruments and equipments

3D and 4K laparoscopes and endoscopes

Image guided surgery

ICG and dye navigations

Artificial intelligence in surgical platforms

Open surgical instruments and retraction systems 

3D imaging and HoloLens

Perfusion solutions in transplants

Immunosuppression in transplants

Nutrition and Immunonutrition

Medicines and drugs for HPB and liver diseases

Liver Stiffness and Fibrosis assessment

Stapling devices

Hemostatic agents