Pre-Conference Workshop

Pre-Conference Workshop on 4th April, 2024

Indo - UK Intra-operative Hepato-Biliary
Ultrasound Workshop
  • Basic principles of intra-operative ultrasound
  • Understanding normal and abnormal sono-anatomy of the hepatobiliary system
  • Knowing the role of IOUS in Hepatobiliary disease
  • Technique of open and laparoscopic IOUS
  • Learn to perform and interpret intraoperative liver ultrasound on human phantom
Artificial Intelligence in Liver Workshop
  • Learn Data-driven haptics: Applications in VR-based medical simulator and telesurgery
  • Know AI based tissue diagnosis
  • Understanding 3D printing technology for liver
  • Innovations in AI – Medical and technological collaboration
  • AI in imaging-based diagnosis of liver tumour.
HPB Robotic Workshop
  • Full access to Da Vinci Robot with clinical lectures
  • Become familiar with the fuction and operation of Da Vinci Robot
  • Appreciate the ergonomics in Da Vinci Robot and an introduction to available robotic intruments
  • Understand the selection of patient positioning and various HPB robotic surgical apporaches
  • Introduction and demostration of newer robots
Indo -UK Cadaver HPB Workshop
  • Surgery on fresh frozen cadaver
  • Hands on access to hepatectomy
  • Briefing on liver transplantation
  • Step wise approach to retrieve liver
  • Pancreato-biliary surgery
HPB Nurses National Training Workshop
  • Peroperative evaluation & nursing management in HPB diseases
  • Liver transplatation – pre and intraoperative management
  • Nutritional support in pancreatitis
  • Clinical discussion on post-operative management of surgical patients